When the houselights go out, the magic of the theater begins. The Oswego Players have welcomed audiences to performances since 1938, and we invite you to join us for a performance in the Frances Marion Brown Theater in the Oswego Civic Arts Center.

Whether it’s a modern Broadway classic, a new play, comedy or drama, musical or children’s production, the Players hope you will take part in the fun, excitement and magic that is the theater.

The Frances Marion Brown Theater has been called a “gem” of a theater and has been applauded by directors from across the spectrum of educators in Central New York as well as New York City.

With just over 100 seats, the intimate nature of the theater puts the audience up close and personal with the action, making everyone feel that they are part of the performance.

Join us in celebration of our 80th Anniversary of quality Community Theater.




Founder's Message


“We’ve weathered many a storm and are still holding true to the reason we were started‘to bring good theater by local casts to Oswego and its environs, and have fun doing it.’" 

Frances Marion Brown


2018 (Remaining) SEASON and Fund Raisers





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